Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OH NO! Eyewitness Charity Auction

Like Grace, I recently sent off my piece for author/illustrator extraordinaire Dan Santat's Eyewitness charity auction for 826LA, featuring his new book OH NO!. He sent the manuscript for this very clever story to a variety of illustrators to interpret in their own way. Check out all the pieces here!

The work will be shown at the Nucleus Gallery in LA from August 14-17th, and then auctioned off on ebay beginning on August 23rd. Don't forget to check out the book too, which Dan illustrated brilliantly!

(click to enlarge)


Nina Crittenden said...

The poor bunnies and their interrupted card game! This is darling, right down to the little earthworms!

Anna Alter said...

Thanks Nina!

Julia Denos said...

Oh wow, I would never think a destroying robot situation could be so (just what Nina said) DARLING! All the little bunnies in the air!

Lovely robot design too :)

Polo said...

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