Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things I realized when I moved

*The vast majority of my possessions are work related; for every one box of clothes or towels or pots and pans there are 10 of books and paper and art supplies.

*Also, I have a LOT of plants. Some got damaged on the ride and I felt like I lost family.

*I'm totally addicted to the internet. If I don't set it up right away when I move it feels like something big is missing.

*I love arranging space.

*I aspire to own only things that I use. Except for several giant tubs of fabric and yarn that I rarely touch, but like to know are there.

*Hiring movers is TOTALLY worth it.

*I am ready for the next phase, even if it makes me sad to see things change.


Julia Denos said...

congrats on moving! it's a big big job. matt and i are planning on that this fall, yikes! how are the kitties taking it?

it was great to see you sat. at grace's, talk soon! :)

Anna Alter said...

Thanks Julia! Where are you two moving?

The kitties are adjusting- George spent two days in hiding but now his head keeps popping out of just about every box :)