Friday, June 26, 2009

Furball Friday: the new place

Oh look at this. A mattress turned sideways next to a window. What a cozy place to sit.

I could really get comfortable in a spot like this.

I love this new... WHOA!

That was embarrassing.

This spot's all yours Wilbur.


Amelia said...

oh this made me laugh out loud and i really needed it. thank you!!

Amiko said...

Ha ha... ! They look so cute... and happy!

starrhillgirl said...

Yep. Totally laughed out loud. Poor George.

As a side note, can I bring Walter, Jr. to the wedding? We're working on leash training.

Anna Alter said...

Ha ha, I am glad Wilbur and George are as entertaining for you all as they are for me. I was laughing so hard when he fell I could barely take the pictures. But I felt I should, you know, for posterity.

Naturally Walter Jr is invited. I hope has been practicing his samba?

Elaine Magliaro said...


I love this series of George & Wilbur pictures. Your cats are certainly photogenic--and entertaining!