Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Slippery fish

It seems to me, in general, there are two types of writers. People for whom ideas come easily and the craft and follow-through are a challenge and people who struggle with their idea, but the craft and revising flow unimpeded. This is a vast oversimplification of course, but in general it seems like most writers I've met lean towards one or the other group.

I am in the second group. I wrestle with ideas like slippery fish, but once I've caught one I can whip up dinner in no time flat. This is probably not the best analogy, books have little in common fish and I am a vegetarian, but slippery carrot doesn't work quite as well... anyhow... I long to be one of those writers with ideas buzzing round their heads all the time, who need merely choose which spark will make their masterpiece. But I do love the rush of energy once I've got my momentum going and can really sink my teeth in. Right now I am at the cusp, about to dive in, writing aimlessly until the pieces I need come together. It's a place I cannot stand and will do anything (blogging for instance) to avoid, but usually passes quicker than I think it will.


Mom of M&Ms said...

Hi Anna:

Just wanted to pop in and say Thank you for A Photo For Greta.

I am a photographer and although I do not shoot famous people and I only travel the US, it is hard for my 7 year old...and.. there is never a fun book about photography for kids...

We are reading A Photo for Greta this morning for MAckenzie's 2nd grade class. Although the reading level is a little lower than 2nd grade, she is so excited to share my work with a story, in a way.

Thank you for using a real life experience in your writing... It means a lot to a mom and a pretty little girl.

Anna Alter said...

Oh how sweet! Thanks for writing, I'm so glad you and your daughter found the book.

Sharon Stanley said...

you are speaking to me here....i, like you, do fine once the idea strikes, but it's a slippery slope till then....glad to know i'm not sliding alone.