Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reading to baby Wren has begun

Its never too early to enjoy a good book, no?

The sweet story my husband is reading to Wren is called A Book of Sleep, I just adore it. We see a variety of animals and the way that they sleep from the perspective of a watchful owl. But what really stands out are the beautiful, delicate, textured collage illustrations.

I'll try to post about some of the other books in our growing board book library as we go!


Karen Akins said...

I think my first picture of reading to the Pea was taken his second night home. He's 2 now and brings the books to me. :)

Kristin said...

Anna! I adore that cover. Oh my word. It's beautiful, as is Wren, of course. Many congratulations. (We have a sweet little Wryn-with-a-y across the street.)

Anna Alter said...

Karen- You are way ahead of me! Day 2 for us was all about napping.

Thanks Kristin! I've never heard of Wryn with a y, how beautiful.