Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowflakes on parade

Lately I've felt the need to tackle the little things that always fall to the end of my to-do list. Maybe its because the year is drawing to a close or maybe its post-deadline mania, but I've been taking great pleasure organizing, mending, and rearranging our apartment... hemming pants that have been sitting in the corner of the bedroom for months, cleaning out the flat files, and purging everything I can stand to part with. It feels soooo goooood.

For the longest time I've been meaning to frame my Robert's Snowflakes properly. I was lucky enough to win hand painted snowflakes by Alissa Imre Geis and Giselle Potter a few years back, two of my most prized possessions. Since then I am embarrassed to say they have been sitting in sloppy frames that didn't fit. No more!

I found these two little 3D frames at Ikea and got out my snowflakes...

and of course my trusty YES Glue, that stuff glues everything.

Then I cut some little rectangles out of foam core, two for each snowflake.

And glued them down, one on top of another, to some archival acid-free mat board.

Then I very carefully put a little dab of glue on the stack of foam core and placed a snowflake on top. I was weary at first of putting glue anywhere near these little paintings, but in the end I think they will be better preserved this way (and there was not much on the back of them, unlike some snowflakes).

Once they were dry I put the mat board in the back of the frames and voila- floating snowflakes!

Now on to going through my fabric stores and organizing my paper drawer. I just looove an organized paper drawer.


Megs - Scattered Bits said...

I can so totally empathize with the pleasure of wiping out those little hangers-on. I've been cleaning up things that haven't been cleaned and straightening out files that have needed organizing for what feels like centuries, and catching up on writing, and finishing up correspondence and other odds and ends, including reorganizing part of my room.

It just leaves such a feeling of accomplishment and lovely neatness when you're done. So kudos for getting to all these things.

And I love the snowflakes. :looks around for something of her own to do that to:

Anna Alter said...

Hi Meg- Agreed! I love the feeling of order and calm that comes after a big bout of cleaning. Good luck with yours!