Thursday, November 12, 2009

Furball Friday

Once upon a time I had a lovely standing lamp made of rice paper and bamboo. Wilbur loved the lamp. He loved to sniff it, pat it, and stick his head inside of it. Then one day he climbed completely inside, shredded it to pieces, and chewed on the shreds.

So I thought, lets get a lantern that does not sit on the floor, but hangs from the ceiling. Surely then it will be out of Wilbur's reach.

For a long time the Wilbur did not notice it. Then one day I came in the room and saw this:

They were staring at the lamp when I came in the room, and staring when I left. Clearly Wilbur has enlisted help in his lamp eating endeavors and I fear it is just a matter of time...

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Elaine Magliaro said...

That's a cute cat story--and a great photo.

Mike and I got to take care of Sara's cat Rudy when she went to Mexico. My cat Abby was not too happy about it. She kept growling at him.

Rudy is a love--so affectionate and gentle...and extremely agile! I miss having him around.