Monday, February 02, 2009

Advance review from Booklist for SHOE

Just got the first review for What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe? from Booklist, yippee!

"Recycling becomes lots of fun in this sprightly activity book. Alter offers 13 projects, and unlike some craft books, green or not, the finished projects are usually items kids will want to use. Each chapter begins with the question 'What can you do with . . . ?' From one flip-flop to a ripped shower curtain, from used wrapping paper to empty berry baskets, useless things become transformed: the flip-flop into a stamp for making art, the shower curtain into an apron, the wrapping paper into greeting cards, and the baskets into possession-holders . . . The instructions are clear and simple (adult help is noted when required), and what really makes this a a standout is Alter's adorable artwork featuring a coterie of animals at work and play. Short poems introduce each project."

ps. There are actually 12 projects, but who's counting : )


Anonymous said...

"adorable artwork featuring a coterie of animals"

Heh. Coterie. That's a big word.

(ps - the word for word verification is "micat.)

Anna Alter said...

I like that she used the word sprightly.

blogger is clearly picking up on a theme, ha!

Bowditch said...

wow! congratulations!

Bowditch said...

oh man - coiteryi was my verification word. weird. now its a variation on potato...not as connected.

poemhome said...

Yay Anna!!!

Libby Koponen said...

The praise is WELL DESERVED -- and I'm really glad you are getting it. This will be the first of many positive reviews, I'm sure: let's hope lots of librarians and others are reading them and buying books!

I like all the things she calls out, too, especially that kids will actually enjoy having the objects and that the illustrations are "adorable." They will and they are!